Why Attend

At Careers21, you will get experience & Certificates which can't be googled.

You can Google all career information anyway, why you must attend the Careers21 Symposium?


Unique experiential learning in the Master Classes & get a Certificate of Participation – an excellent value addition to your bio-data/CV

The Master Classes are uniquely designed to make you learn about the emerging and futuristic fields of work through certain exercises, games and other interesting interactive methods. These classes will be delivered by industry professionals or reputed academicians who are experts in their chosen fields.

There is no boring one-way gyan by the experts. Master Classes are not exactly classes. These are workshops. You learn through experiences which are more effective and stays with you for long.

You will also receive a Certificate of Participation at the end of a Master Class – this will be a value addition to your bio-data or Curriculum Vitae.

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Opportunities to interact with experts

Information is all on Google, that’s right. But how many experienced experts are available on Google for you to answer queries and giving the right advice, face-to-face?

Careers21 gives an opportunity to hear from the experienced experts from multiple fields, who have been there and done that. The chance will be to interact face-to-face, ask questions, get the answers, get unbiased advices, fact based guidance, and specific road map to build career, in whichever area a student chooses.

Find more about how you can interact with experts over a cup of coffee.

Find about Futuristic seminars, another opportunity to ask your questions to experts.


Opportunities to interact with educational institutions

Careers21 gives an opportunity to meet representatives from Universities and other institutions and learn about the programs which can help you to develop the right competencies and acquire the right qualifications to be able to pursue a career in the futuristic and emerging fields of work.
Find more about the Educational Institutions at Careers21.