Employer Branding

Master Class: 'Innovations in HR Management: Employer Branding and other emerging areas'

A Master Class to give you exposure to employer branding and HR Marketing – two of the most significant future tools in Human Resources Management


Class Outline

Employer Branding and HR Marketing: Concepts, tools, & technologies – why is Human Resource Management changing drastically? The whys and hows of Employer Branding and HR Marketing? What are the tools and used? What the future holds in the areas of the tools?


Role Profiling – What are the exact roles people have in the field of Employer Branding and HR Marketing?


Task Profiling and Trends Mapping – What are the typical tasks involved in Employer Branding and what are the challenges people face? How the nature of tasks and the challenges are going to change over the next 10 years?


Competency Profiling – What are the essential competencies to work in Employer Branding and HR Marketing roles – how these requirements will change over the next 10 years?


Test yourself – do you have what it takes to get into futuristic and emerging HR Management? Which educational qualifications will help you to acquire the right skills and knowledge?


This is a one-of-its-kind opportunity to expose yourself to the futuristic and emerging areas in HR Management. HR is going to change completely in the years to come. Are you ready?


11:10 am – 2:05 pm, Saturday, 23rdJanuary, 2016