What is Careers21?

Essential learning about futuristic and emerging fields of work. Experience which can't be googled.

Driven by disruptive technologies and innovations, the future world of work is going to be completely different than what we cannot even imagine today.

Careers21 is a multi-tracked themed career symposium, the first-of-its-kind in India, to give students intense exposure to the future world of work through experiential learning and live interactions with experts.


Are you sure that you are getting ready for the future adequately?

Are you aware how artificial intelligence can take away a large number of entry and mid-level managerial jobs in the future? How should you plan one’s career to avert the threats?

How Data Science and Analytics will evolve in the future? What are the best study options today to avail of the opportunities?

How Financial Engineering will evolve over a period of time? Will it take away the Analysts’ jobs? How to prepare for such a situation?

There are many such opportunities and threats about which you must be aware of.

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You need to get exposed, learn and plan effectively for the future by participating in multiple forums

There are many things about the future world of work and careers that today’s students must know so that you choose the right courses to study and build the right competencies for success.

You need to engage in multiple forums. Google of course but one also needs to interact with experts, counsellors and academicians to understand the future well and plan accordingly.

You need multiple forums – both online and offline for learning, experiencing and interacting apart from googling information.

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Emerging and futuristic fields of works  – the multiple tracks at Careers21